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What’s a Fever Good For Anyway?

A fever is common, but a fever is also complicated. We must understand that a fever is a sign that the immune system is working well! A fever launches many beneficial body processes that help to ward off invading pathogens. Anytime we lower a fever artificially we’re making the body more susceptible to the invading pathogens.

Purpose of Fever:

Stimulate the immune system. Increased heat kicks the immune system goes into overdrive mode, responding quicker and stronger to invaders. This also creates an inhospitable environment for invaders. A fever sets up the body to fight on it’s own terms, not the invader’s!

Benefits of Fever:

Increase in antibodies that specifically attack the exact type of invader that your body is fighting off.

More white blood cells are produced to help fight off the invading bugs.

Increase in interferon (a natural antiviral and anticancer substance) helps block the spread of viruses to healthy cells.

Walling off of iron, which bacteria feed on.

Increased temperature, which directly kills microbes and inhibits their growth.

Improved abiility of certain white blood cells to destroy bacteria and infected cells.

Fever also impairs the replication of many bacteria.

Putting it all together

A healthy immune system starts with healthy habits. We can reduce our chances of sickness by building our immune system and avoiding those things that break it down. With a few simple changes we can build a stronger immune system and realize the amazing God-given health we were designed for!

Stay tuned next week for specific things you can do this season to build up a strong immune system!