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Attitude of Gratitude

Fear and love cannot occupy the same space, so which one do you choose?

One of the hardest things I deal with on a daily basis is facing a world that is dominated by fear. We wake up and before the sun is even in the sky, the radio or the television is drowning us in news that the world is ending, humanity is evil and there is no hope left out there. We see people on the street that have nothing but the coat on their back, if they’re lucky. We are assaulted verbally by drivers when we wait a half second after the light turns green. We read a news feed that brings up and popularizes negative posts and links. On the face of it, our world can be quite dark and scary, and full of fear.

If you’re like me, the weight of this world can drag me down. My bright day is burst when I see in my news a friend is having trouble. My heart hurts when I see reports of violence and hate in our schools and our streets. I am burdened when someone shares their pain and sorrow and I don’t have the words to comfort them. It wears me down, wears me out, and if I’m not careful it tears me up inside. My mood gets dark, my brow gets furrowed and I have a hard time seeing the light in the day even when the sun is shining bright above the clouds. If you’re like me, you’ve been there before as well!

But I know a truth. I know a truth that can ease these burdens, wipe away the tears and clear up the skies letting the light shine through. The truth is that fear, despair and worry are only one side of the coin; a shadow of a lack of light. What is that light? LOVE. The worst of the world, fear and worry, cannot occupy the same space as love and praise! And you have seen this before; that person, each of us knows at least one, that never seems to get down. Never seems to let the world burden them; they have a smile on their face and a good word on their lips at all times. They are always ready to lend a hug, lend a word, lend a hand. They have an attitude of gratitude. That even in the darkest day they know the sun is shining bright above the clouds. By finding something, anything, to give thanks for in our lives, we replace the feelings of fear and worry with love and gratitude and that empowers us to be a light in this world of darkness.

You see, it doesn’t matter how dark it may get. The darkness isn’t a thing. It the absence of light. Be that light, by adopting an attitude of gratitude in all things and all way and all times, and you will blast away the darkness around you and bring hope to a world that desperately needs it now.