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This lands a couple months late, but it is a good reminder as we focus on growth this year!

coffee notes

Nothing excites me more than a new thing. Whether it’s a new piece of technology, a new car, a new movie or TV show or even a new restaurant, I get excited about a new thing. For most of us, that is part of being a human, especially living in our society today! So it is no surprise that at the new year we are motivated to make and bombarded by resolutions; new things we’ll be doing (who has 100% gym attendance so far?) or new areas we will deny ourselves (who has already cheated with that candy bar?). What all of these resolutions share, however, is an almost complete self-centeredness that many of us never even consider. No wonder some 50% of resolutions are abandoned by the end of January! What we need to truly make our new year the best yet is to focus on something bigger than each of us alone, something that will never fail us.

For me, that ‘something bigger’ is God’s plan and purpose for my life. For you it might be a calling, a way to give back or a higher purpose. We all know how rich the reward is when we give, love and serve! What if these higher callings were the real treasure and reward in our life? What if we are called not to be better people, healthier people just for ourselves, but for our fellow man and the greater purpose we have been called to in our lives?

When we are set on God’s purpose and plan for our lives, we have victory. Every day we have the option to live for ourselves, or to live for a higher calling. When we are making plans for the new year (or reviewing and revising them as we realize how far we’ve already strayed) go ahead and write down some goals and personal growth ambitions, but for a really powerful year, one that will truly be life changing, one that will be a blessing to those around you and not just you, focus on a higher purpose for your life.

Don’t just be a better person this year, be a world changer this year.