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120 birthday

Celebrating 120 years of miracles

Have you ever heard of a real life miracle? Something that happened to someone you know, or maybe even yourself? Things like this stand out to folks – things that shouldn’t get better, get better. We all know the body heals itself, but we are amazed when it actually takes place in our lives!

It blows my mind that the first chiropractic ‘miracle’ happened over 120 years ago now. Back then, DD Palmer adjusted a deaf man and the deaf man was able to hear clearly again.

Read that again. A deaf man got his hearing back. Talk about unexpected!

This weekend we celebrate that first adjustment and the ministry that came from it. Since then science has advanced quite a bit. Today we know that while the nervous system controls the body, it can be interfered with. When we correct the interference, reconnecting the brain to the body, the body can function at a higher level of performance. That means no matter the ailment, no matter the sickness, no matter the disease, the body stands a better chance of healing itself and staying healthy!

I am blessed to see this happen every day in the office; families living happier, healthier lives free from sickness, free from disease and free from fear. We get to see lives turned around in ‘miraculous’ ways, but it is truly a return to God-given normal health! We are designed to be healthy, and when we take steps back toward our original design, perfect health is the natural result. Chiropractic helps get us back on that path.

Chiropractic isn’t a miracle cure; LIFE itself is a miracle.
Chiropractic just sets the miracle of life free!