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Clear Communication

Keeping our heads on straight in this changing world

I had a great conversation with a friend last week about communication. We broke down the concept that communication is very different than it was only 50 years ago. My generation and similar ages just don’t use the colorful, descriptive language (colloquialisms, mostly) that generations past used to express thoughts and ideas. While I’m sure you could write a book on the topic, we figured it is because we have so many forms of technology to connect us. Our  communications no longer revolve around the written word (ever heard of Instagram or Pinterest?). Our words have taken a back seat to flashier forms of expression. We have relegated words to the basics (only 140 characters for a Twitter post or only 160 for a text message!). Reasons not withstanding, the time, they are a-changin’!

Being a chiropractor, I got to thinking about how this has affected our health. You see, the body has not changed how it communicates over the last millenia. The nerve system is still the central hub and it works perfectly provided there is no interference! I may not be able to do anything about how “shrt nd mesy” our language has become, but I can make sure our heads are on straight to try and interpret it all! Who do you know that needs better communication in their body? In their life? Share the message of life, of hope, of healing with a friend. Even if they don’t say “thnx” right away, you know you’ll have changed a life for the better 🙂

Stay connected my friends,
Dr. Will