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How to Cure Resolutionitis

The step by step guide to making 2014 the best year yet!

With a new year upon us, the obsession always seems to be making resolutions, some wild, some achievable, some pointless and some potentially life changing. The trick of course is keeping with them. I know I use the chance to enact a dozen different things I always say I should do – like get in shape, lose weight, make friends, be better, love more, etc – but I always seem to fall through on my promises no later than a week or two in. Why is that? I know we all have experienced the excitement of setting out on a new path only to suffer the defeat of failure or setback or discouragement when results don’t appear like magic. We are not alone, this phenomenon happens to millions every January; I would like to affectionately refer to it as Resolutionitis.

How do we fix this all-too-common problem? How do we turn the tide and make this year the best year yet? How do we get out of our own way and accomplish what we have always dreamed? The trick is in how we create these dreams. Like good goals, good resolutions have a few components that are absolutely required in order to work.

1-CLARITY – This is in caps for a reason: clarity is the most important component. A good hearted goal like “lose weight” may sound great initially, but we eventually get bogged down by the how, the why, the how much, the when. A clear (and positive) goal like “cut 5lbs in January” is positive, definite, clear, measurable and has a deadline.

2-Measurable – When we look at a big project we can get excited about the possibility initially but often we get caught up in the minutia that makes it seem unachievable. If I have the goal of saving $6,000 in 2014, that is a big number! But if I can cut it into bite size chunks, say $520 a month or even $10 a week, THAT is something I know I can do! When creating clear goals and resolutions make sure they are measurable; how do you know how you’re doing? Give it a number, a name, some way of checking in on your PROGRESS rather than stressing about perfection.

3-Deadline – While you don’t have to give up on a goal or resolution if you miss a deadline, it gives us something to focus on and an urgency to see the task completed. When we create that positive forward momentum it is much easier to turn our thoughts and actions into habits and maintain those over the long term.

Do you see how creating clear and definite, measurable goals and resolutions with deadlines can lead to an earth shattering, record breaking, mind blowing new year?! Don’t give up, don’t get discouraged; dream big and work hard for the best year yet. You deserve it!

D. Will