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flying boy

How we can fly high in life

By Fulfilling our God given potential!

One conversation has surfaced regularly as of late. Folks are searching and seeking for something they cannot find. We as a species seem to get stuck in patterns and despite all we do spin our wheels trying to get out but never achieve freedom.

You see, we feel the promise of freedom. We feel the promise of what could be, if we could just get it. What we are feeling is potential, and what we unconsciously realize is that we have near unlimited potential in life!

Think about it, when we were one cell – I’ll say that again, ONE CELL – we had all the potential that we needed to become us, today. WOW! And to think that we got here through all we have faced and are still standing, it blows my mind! We were given unlimited life potential from day one, and the secret, the promise we feel is that we have that same potential today. Why aren’t we experiencing it?

The problem is simple: that potential can be dimmed down, just light a light bulb. See where we are going yet? Your body is a giant light bulb, your brain the power supply and your nerves the wires connecting the two. When everything is connected and electricity flows free, you will shine bright, body soul and spirit. When there is a dimmer switch, you cannot fulfill your God given potential here on earth. We are all given a purpose in life,  a destiny to fulfill but we cannot reach that without expressing our full potential.

My job as a chiropractor is simply to find those dimmer switches, crank the power back up to 100% and allow you to live the life God designed you to live. Healthy, happy and productive; full of life!

So it all comes down to potential; do you want to live out your full potential? You’re probably already on the way. What about your friends? Your family?

Imagine a world where people walked around and instead of sick, sad and suffering they were healthy, happy and complete. Imagine a world where folks lived out their God given purpose, loved their neighbor and made it a better place.

Who do you know that could use a little more light in their life? Share this thought with them, and show them there is a better way to a better life.

More life!
Dr. Will