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Leaves of Change

Leaves of change signify and herald not a season of death, withering, and ending, but show the magnificence and power that life has even over the image of death. With every falling leaf we are guaranteed that a new one will sprout in its place next season because LIFE ALWAYS OVERCOMES.

Think about it this way: once those leaves hit the ground, they start to decompose. Outside forces attempt and strive to return that matter to what it once was: dirt. What happens when something dies? It immediately starts to rot and decompose. If my finger was cut off and fell to the ground, it would immediately start to break down. That piece that was me doesn’t have an infection, it doesn’t have a disease, it has Dead Finger Syndrome!

The same thing happens when our body is cut off from its source of life. We don’t have a disease or a condition; there is no such thing! We find ourselves in a state of less life: Dead Finger Syndrome! Now what if you could reconnect that piece or part back to the power that made it?

No matter the “condition”, you can be assured that the power that God gave you to draw each breath is the same power that heals you of every sorrow and sickness. Given the right tools, the right time and FULL EXPRESSION & CONNECTION there is nothing LIFE cannot overcome.

Expect Miracles.

Dr Will