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Listen and Act

How to become the person we are called to be

One challenge I  experience in my own life is action. Procrastination is the killer of productivity and if there were annual awards I would be the reigning champ! Now I am not only speaking of action on the daily life tasks; I brush my teeth, I get checked and adjusted every week, I wash the dishes, I water my plants, I pay the bills, I delivery my heart and soul at the office, I do what I need to do on a normal basis and life goes on. Where I experience a stop is usually on those things that are above and beyond, new or outside my comfort zone. The things that come in moments of inspiration, synchronicity or messages from God. Oh, I write these things down, even get excited about many of them. But since they are always ideas bigger than my monkey brain can wrap itself around I get overwhelmed or discouraged. The result? They fall by the wayside and become what-ifs, should-haves and if-onlys. If you’re anything like me you have been here too. You get inspired on an idea or project and get excited about the possibility. Then a week or month goes by and you drop it in the “someday” bucket as daily life takes over your thoughts and attention. Just like that a dream fades to a memory and a revolution becomes a blip in our life story. It happens to us all. The good news is that we are not alone and we are more than capable!

You see, those divine or inspired thoughts are given to us for a reason. God never leaves us unprepared for what we’re called to do. Our gut instinct always leads us in the right direction. We have two jobs in this life: to listen and act on the voice of God, the friend within, our innate subconscious mind. When we learn to become aware, humble and OBEDIENT to that voice we become dynamic. That is essential to an ABUNDANT and rewarding life.

A couple weeks ago it got dropped on my heart to wake up earlier in the morning so I could better prepare to serve my community. If you know me, I have never been a morning person; not just early morning, but the whole am half of the day was a challenge! It was crystal clear that 5 am was my appointed time. I did not like what I heard, but going on faith I accepted it heart and soul. I committed my mind to that action and the next morning I woke up refreshed BEFORE my alarm! By myself, left to my conscious mind I was incapable of embracing such an early morning. Connected with my infinite inner potential, my God given potential, I was more than able to rise to the challenge and you are too!

Imagine a world where our inspired ideas took root. Where we could reach out to a friend we feel we should help and are able to change or save a life. A world that is better because we took radical, massive and uncompromising action. A world where we stepped out of our comfort zone and grew as a person, leading to transformation in our community. It is possible. It can happen. It starts with that keyword: obedience.

We must to do two things in this life: listen and act.

Tune in, listen to that wee voice within.

Take uncompromising action.

Dr Will