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christmas decorations

The Reason for the Season

Don’t get lost in the shuffle, but take on the hope of love!

Yes, it is “that time of year!” Time to start listening to the music, decorate the tree, stay out late at every person you know’s holiday party. Time to watch the neighbors out-do each other with lights in the yard, crowd and ravage the department stores to find the perfect gift, and rack up the credit card in the process! It can be tough keeping my head on straight and stress free this time of year! In a culture so driven by consumerism and outside image we get lost in the mire and lose the true meaning of the holidays.

If you’re anything like me, you know how this feels. Maybe its that office party you dread going to because you can barely stand working with the folks, much less celebrating anything with them. Maybe its family, chosen or not, that we just have to hang out with no matter how crass they can be. For some of us its the opposite; our first Christmas alone or without someone we love. It never seems to get easier. For all of us, we can get lost in the shuffle and forget that this season, no matter how convoluted it may be on the surface, is really the best time of year for one reason alone: hope.

You see, the reason for the season is Christmas. For some that hope is that the end of the year signals a NEW year. For some that hope is the chance to spend time with loved ones that only happens once a year. For me that hope is that a God who loves us sent His only son to be WITH us. That because of His love, we can love ourselves and the world we live in. My hope is that the life we see around us, the sick, sad and suffering world, is NOT the life we have to live! We have the opportunity to live a better life, a fuller life, and that is possible because of the hope and love of Christmas!

What if we could show love for our coworkers, no matter how annoying they can be, and have that love transform our workplaces for the better? What if our love could soften our tough family and make our time together joyful once again? What if our love for ourselves and others filled up our loneliness and emptiness and helped us to comfort others who have lost love? What if this love could not only heal our culture but bring it to new heights?

That is the hope and promise of Christmas. Not only that it can, but it will. The “miracle” of Christmas is the hope of an unconditional love!

Take on that hope this season. Get ready for a miracle. Share the love!