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Return to Routine

Getting back into the swing of health and healing!

Whether you grumble with the frustration of early morning school buses or rejoice that you finally have the house to yourself again, the end of summer and the beginning of school is finally upon us! With this time comes a return to schedule and routine for most (and a last minute vacation for many, see box above!). This return to same-ness gives us an opportunity to grow in any area of life. All it takes is determination and discipline.

But wait, shouldn’t we reject same-ness? Aren’t we always talking about standing out, being different and unique? Yes, we are, and we should still be (when we consider what the world around us calls ‘normal’). What I’m referring to is persistence and discipline in our daily pursuits. A sort of sacred same-ness that produces results consistently and efficiently in our lives, in any area.

Look at anyone who is successful in their field. While they are likely trailblazers in their method of thinking or doing that allowed them to break the status-quo, they got there through cultivating habits that edified and enabled their extraordinary success. And guess what the secret to powerful habits is? Same-ness. Think about one of the easiest ways to have a more productive day: waking up early. The more you do it, the easier it gets, and the more you reap the reward of a jump-start on the day!

But these benefits aren’t just limited to personal growth and calendar stability. Your family’s health depends on some foundational habits that harness the power of same-ness. Think about brushing your teeth. You do it the same way, every morning (and evening!), every day, every week, every month. You don’t think twice about breaking the mold because the results are proven; you must only be consistent and diligent in following the pattern every day. A healthy diet, plenty of sunshine and lots of exercise are the same way! We can get creative with how we pursue these habits, but the most important and critical fact is that we pursue them consistently!

And the health of your spine is no different. You don’t stop brushing your teeth when your mouth feels fine at the end of the day. Why would you stop taking care of your spine when it feels fine after a long week at work? A good routine of same-ness is critical to good spinal health, and that is getting it checked regularly for subluxation by your friendly local family chiropractor.

With a return to same-ness in the air as school starts up and schedules stabilize, be sure to make your health a priority. With a focus on health, you and your family can cruise through the fall and upcoming holiday season as happy and healthy as you have ever been!

When it comes to healthy habits, same-ness is the key to success!