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Our lives go through seasons, and we always grow

Ah, fall is finally here. The crisp autumn mornings, the beautiful changing leaves and the ubiquitous pumpkin flavored everything! I love this season not just for the reasons above, but for the corn mazes, the apple picking, the sweater weather and getting to drink my coffee HOT again. But my love for this season goes even deeper, and it is a reflection I find striking in contrast with the way our culture views change. We tend to see change (especially when it involves something falling away) as a bad thing, and yet we celebrate autumn with all we have!

If you’re like me, you see the seasons of the year much like the seasons of our lives. There is growth, prosperity, change, dormancy, and eventual growth again. We’ve all experienced this. We pass through a season that challenges us, only to come out with a new opportunity that lets us grow stronger! The beauty of this, is we know that change is constant. When we find ourselves in a season we don’t enjoy, we hold onto what we know and love, confident that a short time away the sun will shine and our lives will transform. One of our most important times is actually in the season of preparation and growth; what we are doing to ensure that tomorrow is better than yesterday. This is where I love to do my work!

I encourage you to take stock of things when the seasons change. See where you are on a personal level, on a spiritual level, on a physical level. Is there one thing we can cut out, or add in, to make tomorrow, or next season, better? Get to work! Is there someone you know that is walking through a season of sickness and suffering? Offer them hope, and share how life can be better with the right preparation (and the miracle of chiropractic).

Embrace the change!