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How you can transform your life and those around you

Ever find yourself stuck in life? Sometimes even easier to answer: ever see someone else stuck? Whether it is in health, business, school, relationships or just dealing with the everyday, many of us have come up against a wall at some point in time. The wall sucks; it brings life to a standstill. It seems like nothing can overcome, like we are up the creek without a paddle and we are without hope. The wall isn’t a new concept; we’ve hit it throughout life and see others struggle with it at every stage. It seems like we can never get rid of it, no matter how many times we climb over, around or break through.

The good news is that we are still here. It is obvious we can overcome it. The question is how to do so with certainty, regularity and even help prevent it from showing up in the future. The answer is, you guessed it, love!

One of the most beautiful definitions of love I have heard is the ability to be with someone/something for all that it is, and is not. No judgement, no expectation, no notion of what should be; just pure acceptance for what is. Freeing, isn’t it?

But how does this apply to life? When we are faced with the wall, its not that there is a physical wall that shows up blocking us from what we desire; it is that what we want and desire does not match up to what we are experiencing and that gap is the wall. The wall is merely our own perceptions clouding reality; we are creating a bad mood for ourselves out of nothing! Now, that is not to say that circumstances don’t suck – sometimes the world slaps us in the face, lets be honest – but what slows us down is our own mind getting stuck on what should be rather than dealing with what is. When we can accept reality for what it is, without clouding it with judgement, we create space in which to work and the possibility of overcoming the obstacles before us!

Imagine a life where we were never slowed down, that was effortless, that allowed us to achieve our greatest desires and dreams. Imagine a world where folks were free, healthy and totally connected to their God-given potential. With love as our master, applying this principle to everyday life, we can realize this future today, together!

And guess where it starts: with you, with me, with our everyday encounters with folks out in the world. Be the change you want to see. Be love. Start today.

Share the love!

<3 Dr Will