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The Miracle of Chiropractic

Celebrating 119 years of hope and healing!

One of the joys of being a trendsetter is sharing a miracle or story with others and watching their lives transform as a result. TODAY we celebrate the foundation of chiropractic and the 119th year of changing the world one spine at a time!

Take a step back in time, to September 18, 1985. Meet DD Palmer, a magnetic healer at the time, who was trying to understand how healing really took place in the body. The question he had was simple: why did some people he treat get better, and why did some not? Why did one person in a house get sick and the others stay well? If all the family had been exposed to the germs, the supposed cause of disease at the time, what made the sick one different? He figured that something must be different about those that got sick, and that it might change when they got well.

It was on this day, 119 years ago, that he met a janitor named Harvey Lillard. Harvey could not hear DD walking by, so DD got his attention and got his story. 17 years prior Harvey had stooped over, felt a pop in his neck and immediately went deaf in one ear. Since that day he could not hear out of the one ear. DD asked if he could check Harvey to see if he could help, and upon looking at his neck and back saw that there was a lump, a bone out of place. DD figured this could be the cause and that if the bone were moved back, Harvey’s hearing might be restored. After much convincing (no one had done this before) Harvey let DD adjust him. With specific intent and a heavy hand, DD adjusted the bone back into place! Soon after, Harvey regained his hearing and DD rejoiced that he had found the cause of deafness! It wasn’t long after that DD adjusted many people who were deaf but only a few regained their hearing. However, he discovered that others healed from other illnesses instead. DD drove himself back into studying the body and made the connection: the nerve system controls everything. He proposed that the bone out of place he kept adjusting must be interfering with its function! Chiropractic was born; reconnecting humanity to its God given potential within!

Imagine the joy, the excitement, the fervor of these first pioneers. That you knew something that could change the world, save lives, improve humanity, and that no one else knew or understood it! Not much has changed these last 119 years. Sure, we have new science that proves the importance of the nerve system. That subluxation (those spinal bones out of place) decreases human performance, function and potential. But the world still has so many people who need to know the truth. So many people who are sick, sad and suffering. So many people who need a glimmer of hope. That is where you come in.

I want to invite you to share the miracle of chiropractic with the people most important in your life. If you have experienced healing in your life after getting adjusted, let me know! I love hearing testimonials and sharing them with others. If you think that this is something important, that others need to know that life can be better, tell them your story and how chiropractic has made a difference!

We can change this world, even save some lives in the process, just by sharing our story. By sharing the miracle of hope and truth. By helping humanity reconnect to our God-given potential!